21st April 2023

Free Abbey Alive event, May 20

By Libby Ranzetta (Bury Water Meadows Group)

Last May we held a BioBlitz in the Abbey Gardens as part of the Abbey 1000 celebrations – a kind of biological stocktake, where, with the help of the public, we sought and recorded as many plant and animal species in the Abbey precinct as possible.

This year we repeat the BioBIitz in an event combined with the Abbey of St Edmund Heritage Partnership that will link natural history and heritage with human history and the environment. The event, called “Abbey Alive” takes place on Saturday, May 20, with a schools’ day on the 19th. There will be guided walks, with experts on hand to help with bug ID and talk about their favourite insect or plant, as well as entertainment and activities.

With the Earth now losing biodiversity at rates not seen in the modem era due to the impact of human activity, we want to highlight the incredible complexity and diversity of species that still exist locally and encourage better stewardship of the environment so that we might slow the decline.

West Suffolk Hive and Bury Water Meadows Group invite you to come and explore the past life and the wildlife at the Abbey Gardens in Bury St Edmunds

10am to 4pm FREE ENTRY

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