1st November 2023

New English Heritage Guidebook

“Its carved vaults rival those of the Temple of Solomon…those who have seen it say they have never beheld anything more spacious.”

This quote, ( by Hermann or Bertrann, monk of Bury St Edmunds, 1090’s) is featured at the start of a new English Heritage guidebook for the Abbey of St Edmund.  It is written by Julian Luxford and has 40 colourful pages crammed with maps images and text.  It is available from the online English Heritage shop Guidebook: Bury St Edmunds Abbey at £4.50 plus postage and soon will be available here in Bury St Edmunds.  It replaces the previous mostly black and white version based on an article by A.B. Whittingham dated to 1951.


The new booklet has been well received as it has the latest research and reconstruction images from the interpretation panels.  However the aerial photo still shows the old tennis courts and there is  some doubt whether the parish of St John ( shown on the page 3 map) was established in medieval times.  Nevertheless it represents a huge step forward for visitors and locals to enjoy.

At the same time, English Heritage have improved their website on the history of the Abbey at History of Bury St Edmunds Abbey

So now English Heritage have provided us with some up to date and useful resources for our understanding of the Abbey.


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